WhatsApp is going to launch a great feature | How To Use Whatsapp Video call Feature Complete Guide

A new feature is about to be launched in the world’s most popular WhatsApp application used for video sharing, video calling and communicating with your loved ones. According to the report, WhatsApp’s new feature allows WhatsApp users to make up to eight video calls at a time. This feature of WhatsApp is being tested on the beta version of WhatsApp and after testing, this feature will be available soon.

Whatspp Video Conference Call Feature

Lock down around the world have left people confined to their homes and that is why people are using social media so much.  Which is why people stay in touch with their loved ones on the WhatsApp and use the video calling feature?

People want to talk to their loved ones all at once, but WhatsApp didn’t have this feature. WhatsApp management has announced the launch of this feature keeping this need in mind.

Remember the WhatsApp video calling feature already existed but only four people could use it for one call at a time. New video calling feature will be launched soon, which will take some time to launch to the public.

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The full details of how to use WhatsApp’s video call feature and how you can call up to four people at once are given below.

How To Use Whatspp Video Conference Call Feature?

  1. Open Whatsapp.
  2. Go to the calls tab.
  3. You will see a call icon at the below right of the conversation window with + sign.
  4. Click on NEW GROUP CALL.
  5. Select multiple contacts to connect to a group call.
  6. You can select among the video call icon or voice call.
  7. The screen will then be split with separate video feeds.

To use the video call feature, you must have good internet speed, so first confirm that your mobile is connected to Wi-Fi or your mobile must have a 4G Internet Speed SIM.  So that you get good video call results during the call.

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