Warid SIM Lagao Offer

Warid is providing a wonderful offer for the customers and the offer is known as ‘Warid SIM Lagao Offer’. This is the offer which is demand of millions of people. Such customers who are not using their SIM from more than 30 days have a good news. Now they are able to enjoy a lot of free minutes at same network, free SMS on all local networks, Data volume of internet and many other benefits which is an amazing news for the customers. In this busy world, everyone want to connect with their loved ones through phone calls, SMS and by the usage of Internet. Through this offer, now you will be able to make many free calls in day time and night to your loved ones including family and friends. There is no extra charges in this offer and this offer is all due to our attachment with our customers. 

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Warid SIM Lagao Offer

If the SIM is inactive from more than one month then all the above mentioned benefits can be availed and customers are also eligible for the luck draw automatically, without submitting their name and number. 

This offer is a good way to welcome back the customers. For the purpose of availing these benefits, the user is required to enter the SIM in their mobile and dial 3733. After dialing the number, they will be able to get following benefits given below.

  1. 3000 minutes at all same network numbers which is an amazing benefit. For most of the people 3000 minutes are more than enough for the whole month.
  2. 3000 SMS for the local numbers that is also mind blowing offer.
  3. Data volume that contain 3000 MB LTE internet. The customers who want to do browsing, social circle websites etc. have something very special in this offer.

The offer is not finished here you will be able to for ‘one-time bonus reward’ that include further 3000 same network minutes, 3000 SMS and also internet that has data volume of 3000 MB LTE. This offer will valid till next 15 days which is amazing for the valuable customers.

Still if you think this offer is not good enough, you are free to add it in the ‘daily bonus reward’ of 100 minutes on same network numbers, 100 SMS as well as data volume of 100 MB LTE Internet. This can be taken by the usage of 8 rupees plus tax balances daily.

Special Notes

  • This offer is only for the prepaid customers
  • The users who already verified their SIM biometric way and then did not use it from more than 30 days are suitable for the offer.
  • The free minutes those are explained above are only at local network. On other network standard charges will apply.
  • ‘One-time bonus reward’ is only for the 15 days. The daily bonus is applied on one day.
  • For the purpose of checking the ‘one-time bonus reward’ customers are advised to dial *200*507#.
  • For the purpose of checking the balance in ‘daily bonus reward’, must dial *200*508#.
  • It is up to the authority of Warid telecommunication to make any change in ‘SIM Lagao offer’.
  • ‘Balance share’ is not considered as the usage in this offer.
  • The standard charges for the call setup will apply.
  • All the taxes are applicable in the offer.


The company has a reputation to announce such offers with many benefits to the customers. There are many companies in the competition which are also offering such benefits to their customers. The company has a unique status and it is offering more benefits that is showed the number of calls, Data volume of Internet and SMS. Mostly other companies offered 50 to 100 free minutes but the above mentioned calling minutes, SMS and Internet have reached till 3000 and there are also other benefits that also include cash prizes that can be achieved through lucky draw. Due to this offer, a lot of customers are using their SIM again. This is the real benefit of SIM Lagao offer that is offered in such an excellent way. We hope in future you will get more benefits. For this purpose keep your SIM in your mobile phone and wait for the upcoming offers.

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