Jobs in Pakistan Rangers Education System

New jobs have been announced by the Pakistan Rangers or these jobs have come to the Pakistan Rangers Education Department which has been advertised in the newspaper by the Pakistan Rangers. You can apply for these jobs in the Pakistan Rangers Education Department. These jobs have been released by the Pakistan Rangers Education Department in Lahore. And it’s advertised in The Nation Newspaper, whose picture you will find in the post below.

Jobs in Pakistan Rangers Education System

List of Jobs

  •         English Teacher
  •         Urdu Teacher
  •         Science Subjects Teacher
  •         Computers Science Teacher
  •         General Subjects Teacher
  •         Music Teacher
  •         Librarian
  •         Physical Training Instructor
  •         PTI
  •         Administrative In Charge
  •         Junior Clerk


You must have three years of experience as a teacher to apply for all teaching jobs.

Pakistan Rangers need English teachers.  In order to apply for the English Teacher Job, you need to have an MA or even a BEd.

Pakistan Rangers need teachers who teach Urdu.

You must have at least an MA or BED education to qualify for the job.

It requires teachers to teach science subjects and it must have at least an MSc or even an Aid degree.

If you want to get a job teaching computer science, you need to have at least an MCS or even an AID.

If you want to teach general subjects or are an all-rounder teacher, you need to have at least an MA or a BED to apply to these jobs.

Pakistan Army also requires musicians who can give music classes and at least it is necessary to have this diploma.

Allied Staff

Librarians have also been announced in the Army, which requires you to have an MAA Lab Sciences in order to be eligible.

Those with experience for this job will be preferred.

You must have at least a BA in order to get the job of an administrative charge. You must have at least a retired Army Ranger’s personal experience to get this job.  You must have at least a BSc or education to get a Clerk job.

 On the announcement of the jobs by the Pakistan Rangers in the Education Department, it has been clearly announced that all Canadians will be given good salaries.

How To Apply

 People who want to apply for jobs can send their A2 Photography Complete Attested  Documents Certificates, etc., to this address by March 15, 2020

Last Date For Apply.

All Canadians can apply for this job by March 15th, 2020.



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