Jazz Weekly YouTube Package

Jazz Weekly YouTube Package: YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing platforms in the world, with thousands of videos uploaded every minute and viewed by YouTube users.

The use of YouTube is very high in Pakistan as well as all over the world and many networks have to introduce internet packages considering the use of YouTube.

Jazz Weekly YouTube Offer

Jazz Weekly YouTube Package

Jazz is the largest network in Pakistan which has introduced all kinds of internet packages to suit the needs of its customers. Given the popularity of YouTube over time, Jazz has also introduced the Jazz Weekly YouTube offer, which allows users of Jazz to access 5 GB of Internet all week long.

This YouTube is given to weekly users by Jazz in this Rs. 80 Rs Deposit tax, meaning if you want to activate the offer, you will have to recharge Rs. 90.In this offer you will get 5 gb internet data for the whole week which you can use only for YouTube.

All the procedures for activating the offer are given below. Subscription code activation codes and status codes etc.

How to Activate Jazz Weekly YouTube Offer?

You can activate this offer by dialing the code below. Remember to activate Jazz Weekly YouTube Package , you must have a balance of Rs. 90 in your account.


Incentive Details Validity Subscription Fee
5 GBs YouTube 7 Days PKR 80 (Incl. Tax)
Recharge Required Subscription Code Status Code
PKR 90 *570# *570*2#



 Terms and Conditions

  • After activating the offer, you can use only 5 GB of internet data for YouTube.
  • Offer will not be reactivated after expiration. If you want to use this bundle again, you must subscribe to this bundle again.
  • If you use internet data after the offer expires, your account will be per MB at the rate of Rs. 2 Pkr Plus tax.
  • Internet speed is not related to the bundle at all. You will get the internet speed according to your area coverage and net connectivity. Depends on the Network signals.
  • If you have not activated any internet bundle, you will be charged Rs. 5 per MB from your account in which you will be provided internet speed. 512 kb.



All information on this offer is taken from Jazz’s official website. This information has nothing to do with us. Jazz reserves the right to change these offers at any time.

The purpose of this article is to provide information only to the people who keep searching various internet data packages on the internet only to help them.  So that different people do not activate different offers incorrectly and their money is not wasted

If you want to know more about Jazz Weekly and Monthly Internet Packages, you can check out by clicking on the links below.

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Is YouTube free on Jazz?

No free YouTube package for YouTube provided by Jazz.To use YouTube you can use the whole week legitimate jazz YouTube Weekly package which you get for Rs. 80 Plus Tax.

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