YouTube plans on launching new feature similar to TikTok

Is YouTube bringing a feature that is gaining more popularity than a Tiktok? There is a lot of news circulating on the Internet that YouTube is bringing a feature that will end the popularity of Tiktok and open a new door for young people.

Tiktok is the fastest-growing platform for young people to share videos by making short videos. Tiktok has more than 800 million users worldwide and has been downloaded more than 2 billion times.

One of the major reasons for the popularity of a Tiktok is that you do not get any copyright on Tiktok and your videos are more and more popular. If any common person makes any kind of videos then it becomes very popular on the internet, which is why the application is very popular among the young.

Perhaps YouTube has decided to launch a new feature like this, where a teenager creates a new opportunity for himself. And young people present their talents in a new way to the world.

Tiktok Most feature that young people like is that on Tiktok you get no music copyright and you can create your own video on any music. This feature of YouTube may allow YouTube to use copyrighted music. And if that happens, it will be a big step up from YouTube and YouTube’s popularity will increase a lot as YouTube’s monetization program is so popular among young people and people use Tiktok for that reason, Get fame there soon. Then create your own YouTube channel on YouTube and start making money from there.

According to The Information, YouTube has been working on this new feature since October last year and is expected to launch this feature in 2020.

Two people working on the project made a condition that if they did not reveal their name; they would indicate the new feature. This new feature from YouTube might be named YouTube Short. According to the company, this feature will be able to use free-to-play music from the YouTube’s extensive music library.

Remember that to make Tiktok’s popularity work even before, many companies have developed a similar application of Tiktok which could not eliminate Tiktok popularity. We can only guess when YouTube launches this feature in comparison to Tiktok.

But it is clear that people use YouTube only to use the YouTube monetization program and it will become a great platform if YouTube launches such a feature as Tiktok, then YouTube’s popularity is very high. There will be more increases because if you get a reputation as well as money on YouTube then YouTube may hit the ticket in the near future and end the ticket’s popularity.

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