US Immigration Policy for Pakistan


Today, I am giving you the details related ‘US Immigration policy for Pakistan’. Such individuals, who are looking to get information from US embassy need to send email, fax or a courier mail. There is a system applied for visa cases that is not delivered to you on phone calls. Such people, who have plan to visit US embassy should make sure that they must not carry their cell phones, cameras and all other electronics.

US Immigration Policy for Pakistan

For immigration, a person should be sponsored by his relative who should be native of U.S.A, prospective employer, permanent resident (in U.S.A) and should be beneficiary of the approved petition.

For further details, please read the steps given below.

  • Petition

The first step to apply through one of the family member is that your family member should file a 1-130 petition in ‘U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’. A permanent resident of U.S. can file the petition for his or her spouse and children. There should be separate petitions for all the close relatives. In USCIS green card, you will get all the information needed in the petition for family members.

Such U.S. citizens, who want to file petition for their fiancée must a 1-129F petition. Such people, who want to immigrate United States for the purpose of employment need to file a petition for themselves. Their employer should also file a petition as a sponsor.

  • Necessary documents and visa form

After the approval of petition, a notice of approval will be delivered to petitioner. USCIS will forward the petition to the ‘National Visa Center’ after approval. It is possible that the visa application will remain in the NVC for months or years. It is dependent on the country, from where the applicant applied for visa. After checking the application form that also include visa fee, police clearance documents and all other documents, applicant will receive an appointment of interview.

It is duty of NVC to send an email to the applicant and mention the date, time and location of interview. The location of the interview is always set for U.S. embassy in Islamabad.

  • Scheduling of Visa interview

Mostly, visa interviews are conducted on weekdays in morning time. Interviews are not held on U.S. & local holidays. Applicants need to spend many hours in embassy and they should avoid buying an airplane ticket until approval.

If the date of appointment is not suitable for the applicant, then he or she may use ‘Visa inquiry form’ for the purpose of changing the date. Every applicant needs to explain the reason of this request. Application of rescheduling the appointment could delay the procedure of visa.


  • Gather the required documentation

Please submit all the documentation that is not submit earlier with application form. Applicants should review all the information of application before submitting it because mistakes can cause delay in the issuance of their immigrant visa.

Applicants should undergo through a medical exam that is administered by the designated doctors. This is taken before visa interview. To check other details related medical examination, please visit the official web page of U.S. embassy. It has all the instructions that will help you to get ready for the interview.

  • Interview day

For interview, the appointment is always needed. Applicants are instructed to reach Embassy in right time. Late arrivals will not processed. Every applicant should appear in person regardless of age. All the documents that are needed in interview should bring by the applicant.

It is dependent on the Embassy to conduct interview in morning or afternoon. The applicants, who got refusal will be informed at the end of interview in writing. Such applicants, who submit application with incomplete documents will got refusal from Embassy. They needs to submit the applicant again through Embassy courier service.

  • Receiving the visa

After the issuance of visa, the consular office will retain the documents that also included passport of applicant. All the documents will be forwarded to the courier service of Embassy. From the courier office, applicant will receive the passport and documents within 7-10 business days.

The sealed visa packet that contain all the documents that has all the information of visa should not opened by the visa applicant. The ‘U.S. immigration officer’ is authorized to open this visa packet at the port of entry, when visa applicant reach the territory of U.S. After 2 weeks, if the passport and sealed envelope are not delivered to applicant through courier service then applicant should contact ‘Immigrant Visa Unit’. He or she is also advised to call at the courier office nearest to his/her residence.

U.S.A is a dream place for most of the Pakistani citizens. The main reason behind this dream is that people always want to provide comfort and ease to their families in Pakistan by doing jobs in U.S.A. It should be in the knowledge that, you have to provide all the valid reasons and correct detail in application. Otherwise, you may be banned for life to visit U.S.A. and will not able to apply for any visa in future.

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