Social Media Marketing – Tips and Tricks

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are not just for sharing posts and pictures with your friends and relatives. They have more uses than you can think. They can be used to make you popular and at the same time, increase your audience for a business you have started.

Social Media Marketing – Tips and Tricks

Social media marketing may possibly one of the most powerful forms of marketing out there. Many gigantic corporations use social media for marketing purposes. Social media allows people, events or companies to get attention by the usage of social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.


Alongside all this, social media helps you to target a specific type of audience to boost your startup or any type of project that you feel people need to hear about. Here are some ways to employ to social media to your advantage and achieve your goals faster.


  1. Treat each social media channel is an individual entity


Normally when our company or group achieves something, we want to publicize the achievement on all social media portals available to us. This may not be the best tactic to engage or increase audience.


Each form of social media is unique in its own way. They may appear to do the same thing but each site is operated in their own way. So it is best to employ the abilities of different sites differently.


The reason is that some news may be exciting on one channel and may not be appealing on the next. For example LinkedIn requires more informative content and display of professionalism when Instagram is more suited to visual aid and excitement. You can post pictures of a party on Instagram but cannot do so on LinkedIn.


  1. Add Images to strengthen your social media posts


No doubt about the fact that people do not always have time for a long write up about some event you hosted or if you have signed a new company to your business. They want to see it for themselves.


Because let’s face it, that is why we all use social media in the first place. People would like read about you going to an amusement park but they would be more thrilled to see your selfie in that park with all the rides and stalls.


Show them what you are up to by posting pictures you had with your new partners or some fundraiser you did yesterday. It can be anything. The more visuals you give, the more people want to keep updated on your activities. It makes your business more exciting and makes people want to be a part of it.




  1. Focus on the platforms where your customers are


Some businesses often try to make their presence known by showing up on every social media site. They think they need to do this to be more popular and attract more customers.


This is not true. Although social media is the best way to boost your business, at the same time you need to narrow down your choice of social media platform.


It could be that the business you have started may be properly advertised on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram but Snapchat may not suit it. Now if everyone is on Snapchat doesn’t mean that you need to be on Snapchat as well to publicize yourself.


Conduct some research about which platforms your target audience is normally using and pick one or two of those platforms. Then, advertise yourself or the business on these select few platforms.


  1. Respond to your customers and visitors as quickly as you can


When someone posts your Facebook page or replies to your tweets, then respond to them in the shortest time possible. If you do so, the customer will feel encouraged to return to your brand or service for assistance.


Doing so allows you establish strong relations with your customers and follow up on potential business leads. It opens new doors to more connections since the satisfied customer will now refer you to their friends and family. This increases your market value.


Failure to do so will result in mistrust between your business and the customer. The customer would then implore more options by contacting your rival business because you could not attend to them in time. This will not look good for your image.

Customers want nothing more than to feel important. So, take out some time to respond to your follower or customer and collect some feedback in the process.


  1. To err is human


To make a simple mistake is only human. It is recommended that you double check your content before uploading. In case, there is a simple mistake made in your Facebook write-up or your tweet has grammar mistakes in it, then do not panic.


Deleting such posts and re-posting will only highlight that mistake. So it is better that you just go with it and accept your mistake. If a customer is to complain about something, then answer with an apology and take responsibility for your actions.


If your customers have any problems or issues, contact your unhappy customer and tell them that every step is being taken to solve their problem, regarding your product or service.


  1. Custom Facebook ads by inserting appropriate “call to actions”


If your business has its own website and social media platforms as well, then use the Facebook’s “call to action” feature for your page. If you are running a retailing business, then you can add a button for “Shop Now” or if you are a blogger then an “Open Link” button that leads directly to your blog may be more fitting.


This adds a more professional look to your page and gives a striking impression to your followers. Hence, the amount of responses you get will increase.


  1. Show positivism in your interactions


It is normally best to apply positivity into everything you post on social media. It leaves a good smiling impact on the visitors or customers. For example on Facebook, make colourful posts and use sweetly worded paragraphs. On Instagram, post pictures that display the good aspects of life and it are probably best to smile or laugh more.


Negative posts or comments are something people easily get into. Your business should deviate from this negativity trend and people should see your company as a bright and shiny future of the business world.


  1. Ask questions from your followers


Your followers need not only advertising but your response as well (as stated above). You can try something exciting by posting questions and asking for their opinions regarding your next project.


The spring is near and you are deciding a menu for your restaurant, then you can post a status update on Facebook asking your followers this question. Once in a while, you can hold a surprise competition in which one of your customers may win a free meal voucher. These things keep the customers engaged and they keep up to date with your posts.


You can also email some individual followers or customers asking them if they are pleased with your product or service. This lets them know that you actually take customer care very seriously and your business is trustworthy.


  1. Change the wording of the message when re-posting


Refrain from posting the same write-up on different social media sites otherwise it loses its authenticity. Your posts must look original and must be differently worded even if you repost them on different social media platforms.


For example a write-up on twitter may be worded shortly with a lot of hash tags and the same write-up may be posted on Facebook or Google plus with more detail. The phraseology on different social sites is different and must be known before making posts.


  1. Less is more


You do not necessarily need thousands of followers to grow your business online. If you can establish good connections with a lesser amount of followers then, they will be more interested and will trust your business. They will advertise your business to their family and friends.


If you keep insisting on having thousands of followers, they may or may not be interested in your business. You do not need a one-time visit to your page. You want people to keep coming back. Think of online connections as real connections and treat your customers with care as you would in real life.


You can also try aiming for local customers first if you run a small business. This way, marketing will be easier and it will save a lot of money compared to the money spent on long distance advertisements.




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