Jazz internet Packages 2020, Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Jazz internet Packages 2020, Daily, Weekly & Monthly: Jazz Company has also launched its Jazz Mobile Internet service in Pakistan after call and SMS service in which Jazz Company is providing Jazz Internet service to millions of people all over Pakistan.

Mobilink Jazz Internet Packages The Company has introduced four types of packages, the most popular jazz packages by Jazz for the customer is Jazz internet Packages 2020, Daily, Weekly & Monthly.

In this article, we will be provided with a list of information and complete data Information of all the Jazz Company’s Internet packages introduced by the 2020s, using which you can easily subscribe to your Jazz Internet package will be able to.

Jazz internet Packages 2020, Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Jazz internet Packages: Jazz Company has a complete series of Jazz Internet Packages in which you are given Jazz Mobile Internet Packages of Different Types Jazz Daily Internet Packages will be for one hour, round the clock.

In Jazz Internet Daily Packages jazz given Limited Internet MBs in the Limited Prize that you have to use in your spare time if you do not use Daily Mobile Internet MBs in Limited Time or are saved Mbs will be lost to you.

The Internet is the only thing that has given the world a lot of new things to invent. People use the Internet on a daily basis. The Internet has become a necessity for people. If we do not have data from an internet company even for a day, we feel as if our day is not over. Considering the need of the Internet, there are plenty of Internet Data Provider companies in Pakistan with Jazz Internet Service leading the way.

Mobilink users in Pakistan?

There are about 140 million mobile phone users in Pakistan. Of those, 53 million users choose Jazz because Jazz takes care of its customers’ needs and that’s why Jazz is Pakistan’s number one telecom network.

Mobilink Jazz previously provided call services only in Pakistan, but with the change in technology, Internet services came and Jazz also decided to provide Internet services to its customers.

Jazz internet Packages 2020, Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Mobilink Jazz Daily Internet packages are also useful for those who want to use the internet for a limited time only, including limited-time such as using WhatsApp Facebook Twitter.

To subscribe to Jazz Daily Internet Packages, select the package you like and then move on to the How to subscribe section where you will find the complete information for this package.

You will easily be able to subscribe to this Jazz package, such as the full subscription to the Jazz Daily Internet package, the subscription status check code information and the price.

 Jazz Internet Packages Daily 2020

Package Name Internet MBs Package Price How To Subscribe
Daily Social 500



(Incl. tax)
Click Here
Daily SMS

WhatsApp Bundle





(Incl. tax)

Click Here

Bundle Package





(Incl. tax)

Click Here
Super Daily

Offer Internet





(Incl. tax)

Click Here
Daily Browser 100




(Incl. tax)

Click Here
Apna Shehr

Daily Offer





(Incl. tax)

Click Here

Karachi Offer

250 Rs.11.94

(Incl. tax)

Click Here
Daily Data Bundle

(Peak-Off Peak)

1200 Rs.24

(Incl. tax)

Click Here

Jazz internet Packages: We take the Jazz Daily Internet Browser package as Examples in Jazz Daily Internet Packages. The Jazz Daily Browser Package is a very low priced Internet package in which Jazz Company offers you many mobile Internet Offers than the best offers of Pakistan. In Mobilink Jazz Internet Packages you will get 50 MB from Jazz which you can use 24-hour internet service without any problem. Jazz Internet also has a time limit but no tension because of Jazz Internet. There are also some offers that you can use without any time restriction.

The Jazz Daily Social Bundle Offer

Jazz Daily Social Bundle Offer is given to you by Jazz for seven 7 Pkr in which you get 500 MB internet, This 500 MB internet you can use for Facebook and WhatsApp only. In addition, if you run these packages for any other purpose, your balance will be deducted.

The Jazz Daily Social Bundle Offer gives you up to 7 rupees in tax which you can activate by dialing this code. *114*5#

Of course, this package is great for users using Facebook and WhatsApp because it is the best internet package offered by Jazz at a low price and this package is great for students who have a very low budget.

Jazz Daily Peak Of Peak Offer

The Jazz Daily Peak of peak package offers you one-GB internet data from 2 am to 2 pm, plus 100mbs Internet data allows you for 24 hours.

This jazz offer is for people who have a very low budget and they also want to use the internet. They can use this internet package while in limited time which is very useful for these people  Great.

This internet package of jazz is especially popular among students because the package is low budget and almost one-half day the internet data is available, so people like it very much.

You can apply this package for a tax of Rs. 24, which will require a load of at least Rs. 30.

Jazz 3 days Internet Packages

Jazz internet Packages: No package better than Jazz 3 days Internet Packages will provide you with a company internet package in Pakistan. Jazz 3 days Internet Packages is a Good and Best Time Limited Jazz Offer by Jazz Company After the success of Jazz Daily Internet Packages, Jazz Company introduced its service to Jazz 3 days Internet Packages in Pakistan.

Mobilink Jazz 3 days Internet Packages have been greatly liked by the customers, which has made the Jazz Company further enhance its 3 days Internet packages while improving its Internet service.

To subscribe to Jazz 3 days Internet Packages, select the Jazz Internet Package that you like from the list that you are offering and then go to how to subscribe button.

As you go through this section, you will find complete information about the Jazz Internet Packages of your choice and complete information on the Code, Stats code of those subscriptions, which will allow you to easily subscribe to Jazz 3 days Internet Packages.

Mobilink Jazz 3 days Internet Packages 3G 4G

Jazz 3 days will be on Internet Packages 3G and 4g Internet Services. If you would like to subscribe to any Jazz package in 4g, you should go to the Information section in this package and have 3G and 4G service for this package can see it.

Mobilizink 3 days Internet Packages Examples

Examples in Jazz days Internet Packages, we take only the jazz company section that Jazz customers can subscribe for three days by subscribing to the three-day package and getting 500 MB for the full three days. And in this Jazz 3 days, Internet package the time limit is three days

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages is delivering the latest and best internet packages like Jazz days Internet Packages Jazz Network is a rapidly expanding network of legitimate cities in every city and village of Pakistan due to its excellent services and legitimate is spreading the service very well.


Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

Package Name Internet MBs Package Price How To Subscribe

Mega Plus

20 GB

(20000) MBs


(Incl. tax)

Click Here
Weekly Plus 12 GB

(12000) MBs


(Incl. tax)

Click Here

Super Duper

10 GB

(10000) MB


(Incl. tax

Click Here
Weekly Mega 7 GB

(7000) MBs


(Incl. tax)

Click Here

Super Duper

3 GB
(3000) MBs

(Incl. tax)

Click Here
Weekly Premium 3 GB

(3000) MBs


(Incl. tax)

Click Here
Weekly Streamer 1 GB

(1000) MBs


(Incl. tax)

Click Here
Weekly All

Network Offer

1 GB

(1000) MBs


(Incl. tax)

Click Here
Weekly Hybrid (500) MBs Rs.115

(Incl. tax)

Click Here
Haftawaar All

Rounder Offer

(250) MBs Rs.101

(Incl. tax)

Click Here

Jazz Weekly Packages is introduced for users who want to spend their entire month on a low budget. The rates for Jazz Weekly Packages are so complimentary that your entire month goes out of comfort. Will be fulfilled.

Which is a very welcome thing for customers and customers want us to spend the least amount of money and have more data available and spend our entire week using the internet?

So if you want to stay connected all the week using your favorite video movie and TikTok with the internet, and still want to have your data run all week then I would recommend that you use Jazz Internet Use the packages.

Because you will not get good deals on Jazz internet package and any network and Jazz is the most popular Nord in Pakistan because of its speed.

Jazz Gives its Customers the Best Internet Packages for the Week that Jazz Consumers Can Use Jazz Social Media Internet Packages Data Bundles Jazz YouTube and In addition, Jazz Weekly Internet Offers including Facebook and WhatsApp.

In the Jazz Weekly YouTube Internet Package, you can use 5gb internet data on YouTube for the entire week without interruption. These are Jazz’s best Internet offers for YouTube users using Jazz users to seamlessly access YouTube. Weeks can be used.

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages are the most liked jazz packages in Pakistan Jazz Weekly packages are for one week, i.e. seven days. In these jazz packages, you will find all kinds of packages ranging from low price to high-cost Packages available.

How to Subscribe to Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

To subscribe to Jazz Weekly Internet Packages you are given a complete list below. View and select the package of your choice in this entire list if you like any of the Jazz Weekly Internet packages on this list according to your budget. That means you want to select the high price package or select the low price package.

After liking the Mobilink Jazz Weekly internet packages, click on the How to subscribe button. The complete information for this package will be opened which tells you what code you have to dial, what code to dial to see the status of the package and how easy you need to load it. Complete Information are given there.

Jazz 3G/4G Weekly Internet Packages

Jaz, realizing the need of its customers, introduced Jazz Weekly 3G 4G Internet Packages that have been found to be very useful in providing Internet access to their customers.

Jazz Weekly 3G 4G Internet Packages can be used by Jazz Company on both services, if your handset is 3G supported then you should use 3G internet and if you’re mobile supports 4G services. So you can enjoy jazz high-speed Internet Services.

Jazz Weekly Internet packages for example

For example, in Jazz Weekly Internet Packages we have Jazz Company’s most popular Mobilink Jazz Weekly Mega Internet Package, a very low-cost Jazz internet package.

You have to click on the How to subscribe button to subscribe to the Mobilink Jazz Weekly Internet Package in which you are given a lot of Jazz by Mobile Jazz. The Jazz Weekly Mega Internet Package gives you seven 700 Mbs Internet Dats for seven days, without any worry.

There are some Jazz Internet Company users who get tired of doing internet packages over and over again. Jazz has introduced the Jazz Weekly Mega Plus Internet Offer to suit the needs of consumers.

Best Jazz Internet service and jazz the same goodness has made Jazz Pakistan’s number one network. Jazz is Pakistan’s first largest network to win the Okla Award in terms of internet speed.

Jazz offers its customers from Kashmir to Khyber all over Pakistan through to 3G 3G and forgery Internet service. Jazz Internet runs in all major cities of Pakistan. Provides 3G Internet service with coverage.

If you are an Internet user of Jazz, you will know the Internet speed and service of Jazz and that is why you are searching Jazz Internet Packages and accessing this website while searching, you will find information about jazz internet services.

We will give you all the information about all the best Jazz internet packages and your time will not be wasted so read all the packages on the details.

Jazz Super Duper Internet Offer

Jazz Super Duper Offer is an offer bestowed by Jazz and the customers of Jazz are very fond of it.

In this offer Jazz gives you 3gb internet for a whole week – 1500 minutes jazz to jazz and fifty minutes plus you get fifteen hundred sms from Jazz that you can use.

For any time of the week and this offer for the whole week, you will get plastic for just Rs 200 which is a great offer from Jazz for Jazz users.

The rest of the Internet companies also offer such offers but this is a very good internet package given by Jazz.

Of course, you are going to love this internet package very much and will be sharing this package with your friends too so if you want to get this package dials this code from your mobile.  Dial *770#

To get this offer you need to have a balance of at least Rs 224 which should be in your mobile account and if you are going to load Easy you should load Rs.

Jazz Weekly Super Plus Offer

Jazz Weekly Super Plus offers you 15 GB internet net 500 like jazz minutes fifty minutes for another network and fifteen hundred SMS.

Of the 15gb internet, you can use 10gb internet for 24 hours, plus 5gb intervals from 2am to 2pm Jazz Minutes and other network minutes for which there is no restriction Time.

Of course, the Jazz Weekly Super Plus Offer is great for you because it allows you to make calls and SMS for the entire week, as well as get data for the entire week that you can use without worry. If you want to activate this package then dial this code. *505#

The Jazz Weekly Super Plus package is priced at Rs 22 plus tax for which you will have to load at least Rs. 250

Jazz Weekly YouTube Offer

Weekly Jazz at YouTube Offer gives its users 5gb of internet data for YouTube for the entire week.

Jazz users can use it for a whole week for only one and only Rs, 80

Today, the use of YouTube and ticking has increased tremendously and people are watching a lot of videos on YouTube Given the need for entertainment for people, Jazz introduced the YouTube package which is good news for and Jazz users can use it for the entire week using YouTube without worrying it will only cost Rs.80

You can activate this package for Rs. 90 and this package is offered for a whole week. If you want to install this package then you can activate this package on your SIM after dialing this code. *570#

How To Activate 

 Jazz Monthly Internet Packages

Package Name Internet MBs Package Price How To Subscribe
WhatsApp Package
5 GB
(5000) MBs

(Incl. tax)

Click Here
Monthly Supreme 20 GB
(20000) MBs

(Incl. tax)

Click Here
Mega Plus
12 GB
(12000) MBs

(Incl. tax)

Click Here
Monthly Mega
8 GB
(8000) MBs
(Incl. tax)
Click Here
Monthly Extreme
5 GB
(5000) MBs

(Incl. tax)

Click Here
Monthly Browser
4 GB
(4000) MBs

(Incl. tax)

Click Here
Hybrid Bundle
1 GB
(1000) MBs

(Incl. tax)

Click Here
All Rounder
5 GB
(5000) MBs

(Incl. tax)

Click Here
MONTHLY SUPER DUPER PLUS 10 GB Rs.977 inc Tax Click Here

With the increasing use of the Internet day by day, the Internet has become a necessity for every human being. So everyone wants to have an internet package that can be rolled out all at once, instead of activating the Internet package again and again in a jazz internet service given the situation. Introduces Transfiguration Internet Packages that Jazz Customers Like and Enjoy, Jazz Customers.

Jazz always introduces the best packages to suit the needs of its customers and because of the goodness of the company, Jazz is Pakistan’s number one internet service provider.

Jazz Monthly Browser Internet package

Jazz is the cheapest Internet package Jazz Monthly Browser Internet package in which Jazz gives you 4 gb of internet data from 2 pm to 2 pm

To install this Jazz Internet Package you have to load at least 250 pkr and this internet package is the lowest internet data package by jazz.

Jazz Mega Internet monthly Packages

Jazz’s Mega Internet Packages include Jazz Jazz’s Mega Internet Packages. Jazz gives you more than eight 8gb Internet data. Which you can use 4g internet data for 24 hours and 4gb internet data from 2 pm to 2 pm. To get this offer you also have to load an easy Rs. 250

Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus Offer

Jazz Monthly Super Plus Offers You Get 10gb Internet Data.

5000 jazz minutes for 300 other networks and five thousand SMS.

Which is a pretty good deal from the Jazz in Monthly internet packages?

The price of this package is set by Jazz at 977 plus the tax you will need to load your balance have to get this package at Rs.1199

If you want to activate jazz monthly packages then follow all the details below.

All of Jazz’s Internet Packages are listed in the Database Box. You can view each package and activate the package you like. Each package is individually updated, giving you a quick and easy way of checking your package, Can activate.

It is well-known to everyone that Monthly Internet packages from all companies is expensive. If you compare Jazz’s monthly Internet packages to other companies’ Internet packages, these packages will look very cheap.

Now we can talk about these packages from Jazz, In which Jazz delivers everything to its customers. It means jazz all in one offer. Such packages are named after Jazz by Jazz Mega plus Internet Packages

In which Jazz gives you Jazz Internet Data Beta Jazz Call Jazz SMS and calls service from Jazz to other networks. The word Jazz Mega plus Internet Packages has become very popular among people and other networks have also introduced Mega plus Offers while looking at Jazzy Mega plus offers.

This compression of companies also benefited people greatly and gave people more opportunities to get more data.

Jazz Company Introduction

Jazz Pakistan is the only Internet company that offers the cheapest jazz internet packages to its customers. Jazz’s super-nasty packages are hugely popular among customers and are highly used by today’s customers. Jazz internet Packages 2020, Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Using the Jazz 4G data package you can use the entire month without any hassle Continuous Internet services that have also introduced Jazz Data Sim to further facilitate users whose packages are at a much more modest price than the rest of the network and are much more popular with customers.

Jazz’s 4G Speed ​​is a very good speed and with the help of speed, Jazz customers can use the internet consistently.

If you are going to choose Jazz internet packages well then it would certainly be a good decision for you as Jazz Internet service is the most used service all over Pakistan. Benefit from Jazz’s excellent internet service so if you are choosing this thing then your decision will not be wrong

Here you can find information about all Jazz internet Packages 2020, Daily, Weekly & Monthly. Jazz gives its customers the best internet service as well as the best internet packages, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority conferred on Jazz Award for Best Internet Speed, Jazz is the only company in Pakistan which is the largest service company in the whole of Pakistan.

Jazz provides its customers with the best Internet service The best Internet packages that Jazz users can use to access the Jazz Internet are all jazz internet packages information we will tell you in this post.
Jazz Daily Internet Package.
Jazz Weekly Internet package.
Jazz Monthly Internet Package.
Jazz 3 Day Internet Packages.
Jazz Hourly Internet packages.
Jazz day and night Internet packages.

Jazz internet Packages 2020, Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Let’s talk about Jazz’s social media packages. Jazz has introduced the best social media packages for its users, using which Jazz users can use Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp to address their customers’ needs. Jazz Introduces Jazz Weekly Social Packages, Jazz Weekly Social Packages, Includes Jazz Weekly Social Packages, Jazz Whatsapp Bundle, and Jazz Twitter Bundle Jazz weekly Social Media Bundle.

How to activate jazz social media weekly Bundle?

Subscription code.  *660#

Status code.  *660*2#

How many days will the Jazz Social Media bundle users be able to use?
This bundle can be used by Jazz users with 5gb of internet data for the entire week if 5gb of data is used before the week so the user will have to re-package this package.

The Jazz user has to load how much to activate this package?

The Jazz user will have to load an top up of at least Rs 68 for activation this package which means that if you load 70 rupees from your shopkeeper it will be better.


  1. Jazz daily internet packages
  2. Jazz Three day internet packages
  3. Jazz weakly internet packages
  4. Jazz monthly internet packages
  5. Jazz Social media internet packages
  6. jazz Weekly Mega internet package

Jazz Daily Internet Packages | Jazz internet Packages 2020, Daily, Weekly & Monthly

If you do not need more MBs and you want to be connected to the Internet on your mobile with at least MBs then jazz Daily gives Internet packages at a minimal price.The information on the top seven packages is in the description below.

  • Jazz Daily Internet Packagewhich ships you 50 MB internet for 24 hours.
  • Jazz Daily Social PackageThat Delivers You 500 MB For Just 24 Hours In 24 Hours Facebook And WhatsApp.
  • Jazz Browser Offerin which Jazz gives you 50 MB of internet for only 24 hours at Rs.10
  • Jazz 24 Hour Extreme OfferIn which Jazz gives you two thousand MB internet for only 24 hours in Rs. 17

Daily Social Bundle Jazz | Jazz internet Packages 2020, Daily, Weekly & Monthly

  • In theJazz Daily Social Package you can use 500 MB for 24 hours for Facebook and WhatsApp.
  • PRICE           PKR 12
  • DETAILS      500 MBs
  • VALIDITY     1 Day

How To Activate 

Daily SMS WhatsApp Package | Jazz internet Packages 2020, Daily, Weekly & Monthly

  • In Daily Sms and Whatsapp packages you can use daily 500mbs internet for whstaapp facebook for 24hours in just 6pkr..
  • PRICE: PKR 6
  • DETAILS:  500MBs for Facebook and WhatsApp only
  • ACTIVATION CODE:  Dial *334#

Daily Social Recursive Package | Jazz internet Packages 2020, Daily, Weekly & Monthly

  • In Daily Social Recursive Package daily you can use 200mbs for Facebook and whatsapp. enjoy complete day facebook and whatsapp with jazz super 4G internet package.
  • PRICE: PKR 5
  • DETAILS:  200MB for Facebook & WhatsApp
  • VALIDITY:  1 Day
  • ACTIVATION CODE: Dial *455#

Daily Data Bundle (Peak-Off-Peak)

in Daily Data Bundle (Peak-Off-Peak) you can use 100mbs internet data for 24 hours and 1100mbs from 2: am to 2pm. it means you can use 1gb internet data for whole day only in 20 rupes. this package is best for students and low budget costumers.

  • PRICE: PKR 20
  • DETAILS:  100MB for 24 hours, 1100MB for (2:00 AM to 2:00 PM)
  • VALIDITY:  1 Day
  • ACTIVATION CODE: Dial *117*4#
Daily Social Package PKR 7 500MBs for Facebook and WhatsApp only 1 Day Dial *114*5#
Daily SMS WhatsApp Package PKR 6 10MBs for WhatsApp only 1 Day Dial *334#
Daily Social Recursive Package PKR 5 200MB for Facebook & WhatsApp 1 Day Dial *455#
Daily Data Bundle (Peak-Off-Peak) PKR 20 100MB for 24 hours, 1100MB for (2:00 AM to 2:00 PM) 1 Day Dial *117*4#
Daily Browser PKR 10 50MB 1 Day Dial *117*11#
Internet Hourly Extreme PKR 17 2000MB Next 2 Hours Dial *846#


jazz 3 Days internet packages

If you are planning to move out of the city and you need something to keep you connected to the Internet, these 3 Days packages are great for you.

In Jazz 3 Day Packages you will get 100 MB in one package and up to 500 MB in another package with all the information available in the description.

3 Day Browser

if want to just connect with your friends and you dont need to use extra internet data then this packages is best for you..

  • PRICE: PKR 25
  • DETAILS: 100MB
  • VALIDITY: 3 Days
  • ACTIVATION CODE: Dial *117*1#

3 Day Extreme

  • PRICE: PKR 28
  • DETAILS:  500MB
  • VALIDITY: 3 Days (Valid Only for 2AM to 2PM)
  • ACTIVATION CODE: Dial *114*14#


jazz Weekly internet packages

Checkout Jazz Weekly Mega Plus Internet Package Here Jazz Internet Packages 

If you want to stay online for a week and stay connected to the internet then the legitimate Internet Weekly package is great for you. With the Jazz Weekly package, you can download and upload videos you like while staying connected to the Internet, as well as watch the Facebook WhatsApp and your favorite blogs.

The Jazz Weekly packages are available from Rs. 160 to Rs. 500 of which jazz gives the Internet from three hundred MB to four thousand MB.

All packages information is available in the description below.

Jazz Weekly Browser Package PKR 50 300MBs 7 Day Dial *117*3#
Jazz Weekly Streamer PKR 80 700MBs 7 Day Dial *117*7#
Weekly Premium PKR 110 2000MBs 7 Day Dial *117*47#
Weekly Mega PKR 160 4000MBs 7 Day Dial *159#
Weekly Mega Plus PKR 200 10,000MB (5000MBs for 24 hours till 7 days, 5000MBs from 2:00 AM to 2:00 PM) 7 Day Dial *453#
Weekly-Extreme PKR 60 2500MB (Valid for 2:00 AM – 2:00 PM) 7 Day Dial *117*14#

You want to be connected to the Internet for a month and if you have no problem with the whole month Internet then jazz give you great internet packages. In the Jazz Monthly package you will find packages ranging from Rs 1000 to 2500.

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages | Jazz internet Packages 2020, Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Jazz Monthly Browser Package PKR 160 2100MBs 30 Day Dial *117*77#
Jazz Monthly Mega Package PKR 300 4200MBs 30 Day Dial *117*31#
Jazz Monthly Premium Package PKR 500 7000MBs 30 Day Dial *117*30#
Jazz Monthly Supreme Package PKR 750 12000MBs 30 Day Dial *117*32#
Jazz Monthly Extreme Package PKR 100 5000MBs (2AM-2PM) 30 Day Dial *117*34#
Jazz Monthly Mega Plus PKR 500 7500MB 30 Day Dial *117*30#

Jazz Weekly Streamer Offer

Jazz provides its customers with the best internet service around the world 24 hours a day in Pakistan. The legitimate internet service is available all over Pakistan which jazz users can use uninterrupted jazz has claimed that it offers the fastest internet service in the whole of Pakistan. Jazz has provided various Internet packages for its customers that users can use to calculate their budget.

Likewise, legitimate customers offer Jazz Weekly Streamer Offer which allow you to have one GB of internet for the entire week.

How  to activate Jazz Weekly Streamer Offer?

Subscription Code  *117*7#

You need to have a balance of at least Rs. 107 to apply

You can use this offer for one week.

Dial this code to find out all about your offer. This code will help you know how much is left of your internet and how much you have used.


Jazz Free Facebook Offer

Jazz users who Afford Internet Packages can’t can use Facebook absolutely free Jazz gives their customers Facebook absolutely free in which onboard customers can use Facebook free using Jazz Internet and users can use it will not be able to see the images on the book, but will be able to use the normal version of Facebook.

Jazz Free Facebook Mbs How Long and How Long You Can Use?

Jazz gives our customers absolutely free Facebook with unlimited mbs that you can use 24 hours at any time. You should not have a balance in your SIM. The balance will be deducted in your SIM.

How To activate Jazz Free Facebook Package

You can use Jazz-Free Facebook at any time by clicking on Go To Free Mode.

This option is always shown in the top bar in your Facebook application which you can click and use the Free Facebook.

Jazz Weekly Browser Offer

Jazz gives its customers a jazz browser offer, which gets jazz customers three hundred MB internet net only for browsing that legitimate customers can use in a week. Jazz introduced this offer to its customers, So that Jazz customers can use this offer for browsing as per their requirement. Often people need to see internet results etc or their status etc. People can activate small offers on their mobile which is why they use Google Map WhatsApp. Live active and don’t use the internet much. This is a great offer for these customers. With the help of costumers stay connected to the internet.

Enjoy 300 MB internet data with Jazz weekly browser offer for just 50 PKR for the entire week.

How to activate Jazz Weekly Browser Offer

  • To Subscribe:Dial *117*3#
  • Check Remaining MB’s:Dial *117*3*2#


Terms & Conditions

Government taxes were not collected in the offer price, (If there are any taxes)

Dial the status code to check the remaining MB of your offer

With the help of which Jazz users can load the internet from Rs. 50 to Rs. Jazz has also introduced weekly offers for its customers. Jazz is a weekly Internet offering that gives jazz to its users seven GB of Internet data. Also included in the Jazz weekly package is the jazz super bundle offer which Jazz users can access throughout the week using 20gb of Internet. Jazz has also introduced a Jazz YouTube offer for its users, allowing onboard users up to tenGB of Internet data.

Which allows jazz users to browse YouTube and enjoy the best videos on YouTube. Jazz has also introduced a fifteen-day Internet offer to provide better Internet service to its customers and a jazz Internet offering. Among the most popular are Jazz Super Duper Offer Jazz Transitioner Browser Offer Jazz Regular Mentor Browser Offer.

In all of these transitional jazz internet offers, users can use 4GB to 10GB of Jazz Internet data. Jazz has also introduced the Jazz Daily WhatsApp Offer and the Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Offer, which in turn enable Jazz users to use WhatsApp on a daily basis, on a monthly basis, in keeping with the need for WhatsApp for their users.Jazz provides better service for its customers, and that is what makes it the largest network in Pakistan, which is why Jazz is the most used network in all the provinces of Pakistan and Jazz Consumers rely on jazz services and therefore use jazz more and more.

Jazz is the largest network in Pakistan because jazz has never deceived its customers nor has it ever been a fix. Have tempted your customers and never tried to provide false services, Jazz has always told its customers the truth and is better off. The best service Jazz provides, like other networks, does not provide false service to its customers by running a fixed ad, and that is why its customers rely on Jazz.


Jazz has always introduced the best Internet packages for our customers and today we will package them in this post too.

The most popular jazz packages are the Weekly Packages and the Mantle Packages.  In addition, the Jazz Daily Packages are Jazz 3Ds and fifteen-day packages.

Jazz gives its customers exactly the right amount of money.

Jazz internet packages daily, weekly, monthly

Jazz has always introduced the best service to its customers and this is why Jazz is Pakistan’s number one network, which is the largest telecom network in Pakistan that introduced telecom service in Pakistan.

There are approximately 54 million Jazz users who are doing their part to make the ship better and better. It is true that every company has its own customers who make it successful.  Stand with step by step. A company does not care about its customers, does not introduce their packages according to their needs, then its customers leave it and thus the company starts to lose and one day the company closes.  Then talk about the latest Internet packages of authorized internet packages, the ship has introduced four types of packages for its customers, among which Daily Three Days and Weekly packages are the most popular.

And of course you’ve been here in search of them too.

Jazz has introduced its Daily Internet Packages for users who use the Internet or work on a budget. In addition, these packages have also been introduced for students who are using the Internet for their assignments.  Require.

In addition, many users only need WhatsApp and the Internet to check Facebook Facebook has introduced Facebook and WhatsUp packages on legitimate customers, using them.  People can use Facebook and WhatsApp without worry.

Jazz Daily Internet Packages The most popular package of Jazz is the Jazz Daily Mega Bundle Internet Bundle, which gives legitimate customers 500 MB of internet access for use with Facebook and WhatsApp and this package is perfect for those who  People only have to use WhatsApp and Facebook and many users only use for internet WhatsApp and Facebook and this package become active for only Rs. In this sense, Jazz is the best Internet package that is limited to the need of the users only and in addition, the users do not use extra internet so that their time is not wasted.

All the information on the Jazz Daily Internet Packages is listed below which includes all the information about the activation of the Jazz Daily Bundles and the status codes etc. You can activate all the packages by checking this information.

 Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages The most popular jazz packages are Jazz Mega plus Internet Packages Jazz Hybrid Internet Packages in which Jazz gives its users up to 20gb of Internet data plus minutes for calls to fifty other networks and 5000 Jazz.  Gives minutes for jazz.

In these packages, Jazz ignores the needs of its users’ messages and each package offers up to one thousand to five thousand free messages that you can use with the Internet package.

How To Activate Jazz Weekly Internet Package

To activate the Jazz Weekly Internet Package you are given a complete informational list below that tells you how many MBs the package name and the package status code of the package name are given.  You can check any of the packages you like and check out this list and enjoy the Jazz Internet for the entire week.

 Jazz Monthly Internet Packages

Jazz’s proprietary Internet packages have been introduced to users who need a lot of internet and have little use of the Internet. They mean business people and office personalities.  People who are more engaged in work only need internet data to stay connected to the internet and they do the same package so that their internet needs are met.

Considering the same things that customers do, Jazz introduces Jazz Transfer Internet Packages to its customer’s Jazz Transfer Internet packages give you up to ten GB to 60 GB internet data.

You can stay connected to the Internet throughout the month using and save your extra budget.

It did not ignore the calls and SMSs and messages in the Manthali packages as per the requirement of its users and also introduced these in the monthly packages so that the users could use these items while activating the Jazz Mantha packages.  Can.

The cheapest jazz package for Jazz starts at Rs 300 and the most expensive suspension package is at Rs 2500.  In the cheapest package Jazz gives you 1gb internet data for the whole month and in the most expensive package you get up to 25gb of internet data.

The reason behind this is that all companies’ passive internet data packages are expensive and there is little data available, and why they have not been told by companies till date. However, the alternative Internet service for all Internet companies  And is most commonly used throughout Pakistan.

Most Popular Uses Of Jazz Internet Packages | Jazz internet Packages 2020, Daily, Weekly & Monthly

People use different types of jazz internet packages, some of which we will mention in the post most commonly used. People use internet packages to watch YouTube Facebook WhatsApp and movies as well as browsing.

In Jazz Internet Packages you can watch movies that have come to your favorite internet. Or you can also study online using Jazz Internet Packages. To get online education, in the present era, the Necklace The company has introduced courses for children to read aloud and university level students. If you want to study online then use the Jazz Internet Packages internet package you get at the best and reasonable price.

The great thing about this is that it serves all over Pakistan and you can use Jazz Internet Packages all over Pakistan without interruption you can watch your favorite movies using Jazz Internet Packages.

Google Introduces The Speech Program Depending on the current situation, you can educate your children on Google and there they have been solely responsible for their training if you have run out of internet data. General Chat Chat Lounge You should use any of Jazz’s best Internet packages and start your children’s online training. Kids are learning a lot in online training nowadays.

In addition, the use of jazz internet packages is also very popular in the gaming community. People who play online game games are on the rise in the world and this disease is the biggest reason why the most scandalous game This is a popular game for kids and it’s a really popular game for kids.

This game is not only for kids but also older and everyone is addicted to it and if you are addicted to it, you should also use Jazz Internet packages and your Play your favorite game through Jazz Internet Packages while on a budget. There are also a lot of games that are very popular with kids and adults, meaning that the GTA 5 game is more popular among game adults and it is a real-life game that uses a lot of internet data because of the graphics and For this, you can use the Jazz MB package.

Like the rest of the companies, Jazz has introduced its MBB devices, whose packages are very suitable and they can be used for gaming, etc. The packages are available in packages that range from Rs. Jazz provides you with 25gb to 150gb of internet data.

In the current situation, you are very bored at home and tired all day long, and this is the cure for the tiredness and boredom that most people today use the internet when you have to use expensive internet companies. So you better choose jazz internet packages and make your life easier so that you don’t waste more money and can use more internet.

Because the cinema houses are closed, you will be watching movies, etc at home nowadays and the internet is also used for this.

Fast and Furious Nine is the most popular movie in the world and if you want to watch this movie you will not be allowed to go to theaters and the best source for any such jazz. Package the internet so you stay connected to the internet and don’t miss your movie.

Shopping on the Internet is as popular as the rest of the world today, most of the items are being purchased on the internet and people also use the internet of different companies and in Pakistan and online shopping site.

There are no benefits provided by the remote users in Pakistan so that they can use the website free of charge for shopping at the remote website if you want to use the jazz internet package and also Bring more ease into your life.

So Mr. That was the complete information article about Jazz Internet Packages yesterday. If you would like to find more of our similar articles, please click the subscribe button on our website.

Remember that this was just an informative article. All information contained in this website is taken from Jazz’s website and may be changed by all packages as we may from time to time update all information as Jazz’s official web site. We make sure that changes are made here on the site. So that our users do not have to waste time and internet data and provide them with better information, you can also visit Jazz’s original website for more information.




All information in this article is retrieved from the Jazz Original website.This is an informative article that is meant to help people who are searching for a lot of packages on the internet but they do not get any good package and they are unable to decide which package they should apply. If Jazz makes any changes to its Internet packages over time, we will not be responsible for this article being updated from time to time so that no one’s money is wasted. And get better guidance

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