How to report a Cyber-crime in Pakistan

Today, an important topic ‘How to report a Cyber-crime in Pakistan’ is for our viewers. We are living in 21st century and it is era of internet. Internet is available at a cheap rate but along with that ratio of cyber-crimes are also exceeded. Most of the people have no information to challenge the criminal activities through legal way.

In Pakistan, mostly victims think, they have no legal remedy and there is no department of state that can provide relief. They often end up ‘not registering their complaint’ against the offender.

How to report a Cyber-crime in Pakistan


You should take proper action and there is no need to sit idle, if someone cause serious damage to you on internet. We are in an era, where all of us should react against the action of culprits. Such culprits should go behind the bars. The registration procedure of cyber-crime is very simple. ‘FIA’s cyber-crime wing’ has the power to enter your complaint. You don’t need to go at any other place.

Procedure of Application

Every person, who considered himself or herself as victim needs to write an application. You can write application in English or Urdu. Provide the detail of your problem and evidences, then send it to the ‘FIA National Response Center for Cyber-crimes (NR3C)’.

Further detail is given below in points.

  1. Address your application to, ‘Director Cyber-crimes, FIA Headquarters, Islamabad’.
  2. Explain your problem. Make sure, your problem is based on real facts. At the end, you need to write your name, addresses and contact numbers.
  • You can also fax your complaint at 051 9266435.
  1. For further help, you can also send an email to [email protected]

Such people, who have plan to contact FIA headquarters through email should know that they will definitely receive response in next 24 hours. In case, if you are sending fax then response time could exceed till 7 days. You will receive the response in shape of letter. Every complainant will receive a ‘tracking number’. The tracking number can be used to check the ‘status of complaint’.

Please note that FIA accepts applications in only these two formats. Cyber Crime wing will not act unless you write them email or FAX. This is sort of FIR you register with Police.

Special Notes:

  • Make sure, FIA only accept the application in the above mentioned format. This is like an FIR that you register in Police Station.
  • If you want to know the law of cyber-crimes then visit the official web page of FIA i.e.
  • In case of any problem, you are free to call at the FIA Nr3C offices for the purpose of consultation.



FIA is performing its responsibilities with dedication and determination. Such people, who are victims on internet are encouraged to report their problem. Otherwise, the culprits will take advantage and spread their criminal activities with more courage. Everyone should be fearless and don’t shy of anything while reporting. The staff of FIA NR3C are professionals and helping. You just need to provide complete details of your problem along with proof/ evidence.

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