How To Earn Money Online In Pakistan Without Investment 2020

AOA, Guys in this article, I tell you about How To Earn Money Online In Pakistan in details. Well, there are many ways to make money from the internet, through which you can make money from the internet, but in this article I will tell you the simplest ways that you can do without any hassle at home and easily earn a decent job from the internet.

How To Earn Money Online In Pakistan

You have come across this article while searching the internet and you have invested in many websites and have been deceived by many people. You will be told to make money that I used to earn very well.

How To Earn Money Online In Pakistan

I will tell you the same way in this article so don’t worry you have been cheated in many places but you will not be shown any such deceptive or fraudulent way to join such website there. You will get so much money that you can do it, you will not be told anything. In below video you can learn How To Earn Money Online In Pakistan, stay tune and learn in easy way.

The only and the only way you will be told is to take these steps yourself. You have to join these websites, create your own website and think about earning and planning.

You have to do your own work. I will not ask you to make any kind of investment. If you have to work and you feel that you should do it on this website, You will not be asked to invest even one rupee.

Let’s talk first about what we need most in order to make money from the Internet. Getting the most respectable jobs on the Internet requires a lot of patience.

As we invest all our lives in other fields and educate them throughout life so that they can succeed in these fields. Likewise, it takes you at least a year in this field to learn almost all the work you can do in this field only after you have learned the work.

Whether it be YouTube or Google Adsense blog or freelancing, if you join any platform, it takes you at least two to three months to learn the whole thing. You’re earning starts only when you learn the job and start generating money for yourself.

I will tell you three easy ways you can make money at home easily. First we have blogging and the second is YouTube and third is Affiliate Marketing, which lets you easily make money at home. Will be able to.


What you need to do to make money from the Internet

  • To make money from the internet, first we need patience and patience so that we can better time our work and find a way to earn a better grill for ourselves.
  • You need to be a little bit proficient and educated so that you can understand English because all the work on the internet is in English. What do you do if you don’t know English?
  • You should have a computer running so that you can do article writing or Adobe Photoshop and video editing in your computer well.
  • You need to work out the routine for it so you can focus on your work rather than working today and never doing it again. Your mood should be to complete the work you start if you want to Accustomed to leaving them incomplete and not working with the routine, you will not be able to make money on the internet.

First let’s talk about what is Google Adsense How To Earn Money From Google

Google AdSense is an advertising company that takes ADS from the public and shares the revenue generated by publishing it on the publishers’ web site.

Google AdSense has created various platforms for its publishers through which it provides ads to its publishers. Google’s popular platform is Google Ad Mob YouTube and Google Adsense. First let’s talk about the easiest way in Google Adsense, we have YouTube on which you have to create and upload simple bus videos and they can make a good deal of money after that. This is a job for educated people. By blogging and blogging you can earn from one million to one million a month. This is a very easy way for educated people who have done BA or MBA or matriculation. Whatever the case, their English must be good.

Let’s talk about blogging and how you can start How To Earn Money from blogging.

Blogging is a platform through which you spread your information to the other world, and anyone who searches for it can search Google for the information they need and search it. Later if you are on the same website then come to your website.

You just searched on Google. How to Make Money from the Internet by sitting at home in pakistan

You got the show in my web site top and you came to my website.

That way you have to write an information article and you have to target the audience so that more people come to your website and see your ad and you get the revenue generated from it by the revenue version.

How To Get Adsense Approval and How To Earn Money?

To get Google Adsense Approval, you have to put at least twenty articles on the website, create some pages and follow Google’s policies. After that Google Adsense uploads your website and your Ads are coming to the website and clicking on those ads, you get a portion of the revenue coming from those clicks.

You also need Google AdSense to work on YouTube. You need to follow some of the laws that Google provides, and some policies require you to have a channel after which your channel can be approved for ADS. And Google Ads are coming to your channel and you start making money from it.

Learn How to Create a Website

To create  website, you need a domain name and web hosting that you get from different companies that host web hosting and domain sales.

And if you are new to this field and you want to create your own website without any hesitation, feel free to start working on it and then start learning how to work Go and start earning a lot of money then invest on your website so there are different platforms for you WordPress and bloggers who provide web hosting and subdomain for totally free people.

Where you can start by creating your own website and learning about it later and launch your own website by submitting your investment.


How To Get Approval  adsense For Youtube Channel and How To Earn Money?

What are Google’s AdSense for policies  YouTube and how adsense ads come to our channel?

YouTube channel policies must have original videos on your channel. You cannot upload someone’s videos to your channel. I also delete your channel and do not have any Google ads.

Your YouTube channel must have at least four thousand hours of wash time and 1000 subscribers to receive ADS on YouTube and only after your channel meets the YouTube monetization program will you Channel is shipped for adoption After a few weeks your channel is approached for ad if your channel has full original video and is compliant with all policies.


How To Create A Youtube Channel?

To create a channel on YouTube you have to create an email id after which your YouTube channel is automatically created. All you have to do is change its name or do some setting etc.

You have to make a channel of your name and confirm it on your number then you start putting videos on your YouTube channel as soon as your YouTube channel has 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers. You will receive a notification from YouTube asking if you want to join the YouTube Monetization Program. All you have to do is follow the instructions in the notification and apply for AdSense on the YouTube channel.

I’ll put a detailed video in this article which will show you how to update all the adsense details on your YouTube.

If you want to work on YouTube, there are some things you need to keep in mind

In order to work on YouTube you have to make original videos, and by doing good research you have to make great videos so that everyone who comes to your videos does not have to watch your videos over and over again. Watch one guy at a time and then come back to you again. If you make such videos, your channel will never be successful and you will not become a subscriber to your YouTube channel, which means that you have to go to YouTube. Will never qualify for the monetization program and will never make money and leave YouTube on the strength.

Google Admob For App Developers and start How To Earn Money

Ad Mob is an advertising program for Google AdSense application developers where application devolper can earn money by advertising on their applications.

This program is for professional people through Google Adsense who are fully involved in Computer Science and Programming.

To get an admob account you need to have an application that needs to be published on the Play Store, after which you can apply for Google Ad Mob.

How To Earn Money From Freelancing.

Freelancing is a job online for a customer.For example, if a customer wants a web development service or logo designing and, in addition, if a person wants to do social media marketing, you can do it on social media marketing at home. Businesses that are virtually done online are called freelancing.

There are many platforms for freelancing where thousands of people are working on a daily basis and are earning millions monthly.

Famous platform of freelancing in Pakistan on which Pakistanis are working very well.

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork

On Fiverr you can sell all your services such as if you are a graphic designer or do a photoshoot, or you have data entry work as well as SEO web development web designing and many other things that You can sell online.As such, Fiverr has become a great platform and is a Hundred-First-First platform for freelancers so if you want to do freelancing I would recommend you rationally and rationally. Fiverr Freelancing is a great platform for newcomers.

If you initially become a good freelancer working on Fever, then you should join other platforms and increase your sales. The best platform for this is your workshop. And it does it from the outside. Upwork has become the second largest platform for freelancers and the number of Pakistanis here is huge, with upwork earning thousands of dollars.

So just look for any cigarettes you have hidden inside and start freelancing so that in your career I don’t have any trouble coming up next. So guys I think this content How To Earn Money Online In Pakistan is helpful for you in online business career,  if you like this then share with friends on social media.

Extra Tips

Succeeding in blogging means that if you start earning good sales for yourself through SEO and websites, you can make a lot of money by doing this work for people’s companies as well, for example. Websites top-rated and charge for Google, so you can make a good deal of money by creating a company that works for people like Seo.

In the same way, if you are successful on the web site, you not only become a specialist but you also specialize in social media marketing. There is a lot of demand in the market so you can make money working for people as a social media marketer.

I have worked for four to five years as a blogger and have made a lot of money from this field and i know How To Earn Money Online In Pakistan. Search engine optimization is one such platform. What you come across does not succeed You will only succeed if you have to give time to this platform.


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